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Emilia Yusof
Emilia Yusof
Emilia Yusof

I travel to gain a new perspective, learn about a country’s history, culture, the people and the environment. How the history came about, how the locals preserve their history and do they still integrate ancient values to their daily life, and so on. Along the way, I illustrate what I see.

My details

  • Name: Emila Yusof (commercial name, not in full)
  • Hobby: Blogging | Travelling | Drawing | Reading
  • Visual Artist since 1995
  • Blogger since 2006
  • Book Illustrator since 2007
  • Author since 2010
  • Place of birth: Raub, Pahang
  • Date of birth: 21 October 1969
  • Location: Selangor & Kuala Lumpur

Source: https://emilayusof.com

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Buku ini mengandungi sepuluh buah puisi menarik tentang makanan tradisional dan nasihat yang berguna mengenai jati diri semasa kecil. Antaranya; Pulut Mengaji, Pelangi, Lawa Terung dan Menjadi Bintang. Ia sesuai dibaca atau dinyanyikan bersama keluarga.


Little Dina who loved playing in her mother's garden, helping in her mother's kitchen and having fun in her father's farm has started going to art class.