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Islamic Books for Children
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An Ocean in One Drop is a children's picture book retelling the ancient Islamic tale of Hajar's desert struggle to find water for her infant son. This story is revered by Muslims worldwide and is honoured within the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage.


Bedtime Quran Stories is a collection of more than 20 Quran stories to read, love and cherish. The easy-to-read text and bright, full-colour illustrations on every page make this book a perfect way to introduce little ones to the stories, prayers and teachings of the Quran.


The Goodword Book of Quran People for Kids is a fascinating tool that will help every child have a better understanding of the way Allah wants us to live in this world. It is full of faith, love and fun. It will encourage young people to learn by the example of others.


Selain penuh dengan gambar menarik dan berwarna-warni, huruf hijaiah dan perkataan jawi juga disediakan bagi membantu pemahaman kawan-kawan. Kosa kata bahasa Melayu, bahasa Inggeris, jawi, dan bahasa Arab turut disediakan bagi memperkayakan kosa kata kawan-kawan. Buku ini memang pilihan terbaik untuk dijadikan bahan bacaan kegemaran kawan-kawan.


A rhyming book, perfect to read aloud, that gives children a taste of the sacred things pilgrims see and do on the most important trip for Muslims.


This book makes learning about salah times and the sun's positions super-easy! There are also THREE ACTIVITIES at the end of the book teaching about salah times, wudhu steps and salah positions. 


This book introduces children to the different styles of mosques from Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, China, and more.


This is a bright, colourful and fun songbook in hardback with a beautiful life lesson. The author has also recorded a singalong of the same title that is available across all major platforms.


This selection of prayers for children of seven years and above expresses the variety and richness of prayer and is designed to be used at home, or at school. With bright and colourful illustrations, this book will encourage children to explore their own ways of praying.


An adorable 40 page paper back book about Hajj aimed at ages 3 and up and told from the perspective of two Pigeons performing Hajj with humans.


Yann's trip to perform Hajj turns into a journey that lasts a lifetime. A heart-warming tale about helping others.